Welcome to Artifactoid, a forum for thoughts about art. Come here to get inspired and find some cool art and culture to check out. Based in NYC, with a global sensibility.

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Artifactoid was founded in 2015 by writer and editor Alexandra Goldman to open up new dialogues about contemporary art.

About the author:

Alexandra Goldman received her bachelor’s degree in Media, Culture and Communications from NYU in 2011. She founded Artifactoid based on her deep love for contemporary art and desire to engage actively with the global art community. She is currently Assistant Director of OLSEN GRUIN on the Lower East Side, and was previously Assistant Director of Klein Sun Gallery in Chelsea and Director of Y Gallery on the Lower East Side. She continues to write in English and Spanish for Whitehot MagazineArte FuseVice-Versa Magazine, and Revista Jennifer as well as work as an independent curator.

To get in touch, send an email to alexandra@theartifactoid.com.


(Above: Alexandra Goldman, Founder)

In memoriam: this publication is dedicated to Don Lasko (1942-2017).


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